2017-2018 Year at a Glance

August 8 Tues. Meet and Greet  4pm – 6pm
August 10 Thurs. First full day of school for students (grades 1-7)
August 14 Mon. ½ day of school for students in PK2, PK3, PK4, and K:  11a.m dismissal ;  full day 1-7
August 15 Tues. Full day for all students
August 15 Tues. Mass – Holy Day of Obligation
August 16 Wed. Parent Orientation grades 1-7
August 21 Mon. Safe Environment training 6:30pm; CTK Parish Hall
August 23 Wed. School pictures
September 4 Mon. Labor Day Holiday; school closed
September 6 Wed. Chik-fil-a night
September 7 Thurs. HASA Meeting 6:30 pm
September 11-12 Mon.-Tues. Progress reports issued
September 12 Tues. Men’s Club meeting 7:30 p.m.
September 13 Wed. New Orleans Speech and Hearing screenings
Sept. 27 Wed. 12:30 dismissal;    Faculty meeting
October 4 Wed. Living Rosary
October 5 Thurs. Picture retakes
October 10,11,12,13 Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri. 5th – 7th Exams
October 13 Fri. End of first quarter
October  17 Tues. AR Popcorn
October  18 Wed. AR Total Reward
October 19 Thurs. Report cards distributed
October 20 Friday Trick or Trunk
October 23-27 Mon.-Fri. Red Ribbon Week
October 26 Thurs. Parent/Teacher Conferences: 4pm-6pm
November 1 Wed. All Saints Mass
November 2 Thurs. HASA 6:45p.m.
November 6 Mon. Archdiocese day of reflection-all staff; school closed
November 10 Fri. Veterans Day Ceremony:  8:30 a.m.
November  13-14 Mon., Tues. Progress reports issued
November  16 Thurs. K Thanksgiving Feast; Thanksgiving Mass
November 17 Fri. Field day;  12:30 dismissal
November 20-24 Mon.- Fri. Thanksgiving Holidays
December 4-8 Mon.-Fri. Santa’s Secret Shop
Dec. 8 Fri. Holy Day of Obligation-Mass
Dec. 14,15,18,19, Thurs., Fri., Mon., Tues. Exams (grades 5-7 )
December 19 Tues. Christmas Mass
December 20 Wed. End of 2nd quarter; 11 am dismissal; no after care
December 21-Jan. 2 Thurs. – Tues. Christmas holidays-students
January 3 Wed. Faculty & students return to school
January  9 Tues. Report cards issued
January  9 Tues. AR Popcorn
January  10 Wed. AR total rewards
January 15 Mon. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
January 24 Wed. 12:30 dismissal;    Faculty meeting
January 29-Feb. 3 Mon.- Sat. Catholic Schools Week
February 5, 6 Mon., Tues. Progress reports issued
February 9 Fri. Mardi Gras Parade; 12:30 dismissal
February 12-16 Mon.- Fri. Mardi Gras Holidays
February 19-23 Mon.-Fri. Mardi Gras bead drive
February 21 Wed. Class pictures
March 9 Fri. End of 3rd Quarter
March 12-19 Mon. – Mon. Book Fair
March 13 Tues. AR Popcorn; Possible Failure Notices sent home
March  14 Wed. AR total rewards
March 15 Thurs. Report Cards issued
March 15 Thurs. Parent/Teacher Conferences: 4pm-6pm
March 19 Mon. Grandparents Day 1p.m.- 2:30p.m.;

St. Joseph Altar

March  21 Wed. Spring pictures-out of uniform (if taking pictures)
March 30 Fri. Good Friday-no school
April 2-6 Mon.-Fri. Easter Holidays
April 9 Mon. Students/staff return to school
April 16-20 Mon.-Fri. ACT Aspire testing (grades 3-6)
April 20 Fri. 12:30 dismiss (fair)
April 20-21-22 Fri., Sat., Sun. Christ the King Parish Fair
April 24, 25 Tues., Wed. Progress reports
April 23 Mon. Fair Holiday
April 30-May 4 Mon.- Fri. Paper  LEAP (3rd & 4th)
May 8 Tues. Activity pictures
May 9 Wed. May Crowning – 9a.m.
May 16, 17, 18 Wed., Thurs., Fri., Final exams (grades 7)
May 17, 18, 21, 22 Thurs., Fri., Mon., Tues. Final exams (grades 5,6)
May 18 Fri. AR ends; 7th Water Day
May 18 Fri. PK3, PK4, K  closing ceremonies;  last day for PK2
May 22 Tues. AR popcorn and AR Total Rewards
May 22 Tues. 7th grade breakfast 9 a.m. Parish Hall;

7th grade advancement ceremony 6:30 pm-Church

May 23 Wed. Faculty records day;  no school for students
May 24 Thurs. 9 am Mass followed by awards ceremony;  final dismissal following awards ceremony-last day of school

Please note:  Dates are subject to change.  Please refer to the weekly Chatter or the official website, ctkparishschool.org, for confirmation.