Accelerated Reader

AR Program

Explanation of Accelerated Reader (AR) Program

Christ the King School

  • Students are expected to read books in their spare time throughout the year. They also have designated reading/quizzing time. In 2nd – 5th grades this time is right after lunch. For 6th and 7th grades it is during reading class. After a book is read, students take a quiz on that book. Quizzes may be taken in the computer lab, in the library, and in various classrooms when given permission by the teacher. (For example, some teachers will allow a student to use the AR computer after a test or if assigned work is finished early.)
  • Books can be found at
  • Each book is assigned a point value. Students earn points based on their performance on the quiz. Students are required to earn a certain number of points per quarter. The number of points that students must reach for each nine weeks coordinates with their grade level times two. For example 6th grade must attain 12 points, etc.
  • Students must choose books that fall within their STAR reading level. This level is assigned and then checked by a test given three times throughout the year.
  • Students in 2nd -7th Grade receive an AR grade in their reading class. If the students do not reach their goal, then the grade will reflect accordingly. (For example, a 6th grade goal is 12 points. If 12 points are attained then the student will receive 100%. If 6 points are attained then the student will receive 50%.)
  • You can monitor your progress at home with the AR Home Connect website:                                                                            
  • Click on this link to register for Home Connect to receive emails on your child’s quiz-taking progress.  AR Home Connect Directions                          
  • Students who earn points receive the following rewards:
Goal Points Popcorn Reward

(2nd – 4th Grade – 100 reading quiz grade)

(5th – 7th Grade – 100 reading test grade)

Double the Points Accessory Day
Triple the Points Free Dress Day

according to CTK handbook guidelines

Quadruple the Points AR recess
  • Important AR Dates
  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
AR Ending Date October 13 December 20 March 9 May 18
AR Popcorn Recess October 17 January 9 March 13  

May 22

AR Total Reward Day October 18 January 10 March 14

**Except for the first quarter, AR starts on the first day of each quarter.

In the first quarter, AR starts on August 21, and does not include points from summer reading.