5th Grade Supply List


5th Grade Supply List

Please make separate bags (Ziploc or plastic) for the classes and label the supplies and bags.

Supplies to be purchased from school at Meet and Greet in August

Assignment Book $10
Communicator Folder $1.50
**Pencil Case $3

Lab Fees $20
Party Fee $10

(**Items may not have to be purchased if they are in good condition and still usable from previous school years.**)

5th Grade Homeroom
2 boxes Kleenex
1 large package of Post It Notes (3×3 size)
1 box sandwich size Ziploc bags (Girls)
1 pack of Dry Erase Expo Markers (multicolored) (Boys)
1 roll Paper Towels
2 packs of Loose leaf paper (Wide Ruled)

Please open all packs of pens, pencils, glue sticks, scissors, etc. and put in a ZIPLOC BAG
OR the CTK Pencil Case.

Blue or Black Pens (NO CLICK PENS)
Red Pens
Sharpened Wooden Pencils (No mechanical pencils)
Colored Pencils
Glue Sticks
2 Highlighters (different colors)

5th Grade English/Reading (Average and Advanced)
3 Plastic Folders with pockets and brads (any color)
2 Marble Composition Notebooks

5th Grade Math, Science, & Social Studies
2 Plastic Folders with Pockets (any color)
3 Marble Composition Notebooks

5th Grade Religion
1 One Subject ORANGE notebook
1 Bottle of White Elmer’s School Glue (will be collected and kept in Religion class)

5th Grade Library (Supplies will be collected)
1 12 Pack Crayola Colored Pencils

5th Grade Art & Spanish (Please make separate bags (Ziploc or plastic)
1 Water color paper pad
1 Roll Paper Towels
5 Sharpened Pencils
1 Pack of Eraser Tops- Any Color
1 Sharpie Marker
1 Sharpie Pen (Fine)
1 Large Glue Stick
I container of Clorox wipes
1 box of tissue
1 3 subject notebook
2 Fine sharpies