6th Grade Supply List


6th Grade Supply List

Please make separate bags (Ziploc or plastic) for the classes and label the bags.


6th Homeroom
2 boxes Kleenex
2 Rolls Paper Towels
1 Box Band-Aids (girls)
1 Hand Sanitizer (boys)

Supplies that will be needed for all classes on a daily basis and replenished throughout the year as needed:  (**Supplies for the CTK PENCIL CASE**)
Blue or Black Pens (No Click Pens)**
1 pack Red Pens **
Pencils or DISPOSABLE Lead Pencils **
Crayons **
Markers **
Colored Pencils **
Scissors **
Glue Stick **
Highlighter **
Loose leaf Paper (Wide Ruled for all classes)
Index cards (For all classes)
1 8-10 pack of dividers (For all classes requiring binders)

Supplies to be purchased from school at Meet and Greet in August
Assignment Book $10
Communicator Folder $1.50                                                                                                                                              (**Items may not have to be purchased if they are in good condition and still usable from previous school years.**)
**Pencil Case $3
Lab Fees $20
Party Fee $10

6th Grade English/Reading
1 1” Binder (any color)
1 Pocket Folder (for research paper)

6th Grade Math
1 1” Binder (Purple) (Green – Advanced Class)
2 Notebooks (to match the binder color)
4 White Erasers
1 Pack of Blue, Red, Green, & Black Expo Markers
1 Pack of ¼ inch graph paper
**TI 30 or TI 30XA Calculator (will be used for Math and Science)

6th Grade Social Studies
1 1”Binder (any color with clear overlay and interior pockets)

6th Grade Science
1 1” Binder (any color)
1 Small Box of Baking Soda (girls)
1 Roll of duct tape (boys)

6th Grade Religion
1 One Subject Blue Notebook
1 Pack of 12 Crayola Colored Pencils (will be collected and kept in Religion class)

6th Grade Library (Supplies will be collected)
1 Box A-2 Envelopes (boys)
1 Roll of Clear Contact Paper (girls)

6th Grade Art/ Spanish
1 Water Color Pad
1 Sketch Book (Bound- no pads)
1 Pack of Baby Wipes
1 Sharpie Marker
1 Sharpie Pen
1 16X20 Canvas (stretched or board– no smaller)
1 3 Subject Notebook
1 Box of Kleenex
1 Container of Clorox Wipes
1 Pack of Plastic Cups

Please make a separate bag for Art/Spanish supplies to be collected and stored in the Art Room.