Support CTK

There are many ways to support Christ the King with things you do every day.

  • SHOPAROO is a smartphone app that raises money for CTK. All you have to do is use the app to take a picture of your receipts where ever you shop.
  • Box Tops for Education is program where the school receives cash for box tops from General Mills cereals. Collect 50 box tops, send them to the school, and we’ll do the rest.
  • Labels for Education where labels from certain products can earn merchandise for the school. Save and send your labels from Campbell’s soups, Bic pens, Pace salsas, Pepperidge Farm cookies, SpagettiOs, Swanson broths, and V8 Beverages.
  • Mention CTK at Panda King and Fuji Hana and 5% of your bill goes back to the school.
  • Use your CTK red card at Target and CTK makes money.

We also have a number of fundraising events throughout the year. The regular events on are calendar are:

  • The Chik-Fil-A on Manhattan Boulevard in Harvey hosts CTK Night on the first Wednesday of each month. Mention CTK and up to 25% of your bill comes back to the school.